2 Reasons A Dental Implant Will Help You Barely Notice That You Have Lost A Tooth

A dental implant is a popular option to replace a tooth. Some people lose a tooth due to biting down on a hard substance, incurring a blow to the mouth or tooth decay. However, regardless of how a tooth is lost, it does not have to be detrimental to the lifestyle or appearance of the dental patient. A dental implant is a natural tooth-replacement option. The patient who receives the dental implant will barely notice that he or she ever lost a tooth. Read More 

3 Ways Veneers Can Perfect Your Smile

Even if they don't realize it, many people have seen the way that dental veneers can transform the teeth. Often, movie stars and other celebrities have had veneers applied to their teeth to make their teeth look perfectly straight and white. Still, veneers are also available to the general population. If you are interested in having a perfect smile, veneers may be right for you. Here are a few reasons why:      Read More 

3 Ways Your Dentist May Use A Dental Crown

A dental crown is one of the most versatile dental devices. Whether a crown is made from stainless steel, porcelain-over-metal, metal alloy, resin, or porcelain only, it can be used during a variety of dental applications. Here are a few ways that your dentist may use a dental crown: To Cover a Damaged Tooth A dental crown can be used to structurally support a tooth that has been damaged. Not only does the covering of the tooth help prevent the damage from worsening. Read More 

3 Questions Adults May Have About Orthodontics

Having straight teeth is an important part of what makes a smile attractive. Unfortunately, there are many people that may have developmental issues that cause their teeth to be out of alignment. To help address these issues, it is possible to undergo orthodontic treatments, but it can be common for adult patients to have a few questions about undergoing this procedure. Can An Adult Benefit From Orthodontic Treatments? There is a common misconception among some people that orthodontic treatments are only effective for children. Read More 

3 Reasons A Dental Implant Can Help Maintain Dental Health

If you have a severely decayed tooth, your dentist may have no other option than to extract it. Even though the extraction will eliminate the dental infection and any discomfort associated with the tooth, it will also leave a space in your mouth. The space left by the missing tooth will affect the look of your smile if the tooth was in the front of your mouth.   However, regardless of the position of the resulting gap, the loss of the tooth can still negatively impact your teeth if the tooth is not replaced in a timely manner. Read More