Should You Get Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are a good option if you are only missing a few teeth. The teeth for the dentures are attached to a plastic or metal frame that is removable. If you are unsure whether or not partial dentures are for you, here are some pros and cons to factor into your decision.


Partial dentures are considered to be a less invasive measure for replacing missing teeth than dental implant surgery. The process to create the partials is minimal and does not require any surgery if you do not require any extractions. 

Partials are also a less expensive option than implants and full dentures. Instead of paying more for a full set of dentures, you only pay for those that you need. Dental implant surgery is considered to be one of the most expensive methods of handling missing teeth. 

Depending on the material from which your partials are made, you can have additional teeth added later, if needed. For instance, an acrylic plate can be easily modified to add teeth. This can help you save money on buying a new partial if you lose more teeth. 


One of the disadvantages of a partial denture is that you have to get used to it. During that period, you could experience trouble with eating and talking. You could even start gagging when you wear them. Fortunately, as you get used to the partials, those problems go away. You can even help speed along the process by practicing talking in a mirror throughout the day. 

If you are looking for a more permanent option, partials might not be the best choice. Partials need to be replaced periodically. The partials can cause your teeth to shift, which means they do not fit as well anymore. You can get adjustments, but at some point, your denturist might recommend replacing them. It is also possible for the partials to deteriorate at some point down the road. Your denturist will evaluate your partials and help you determine when this should be done. 

The partials also are removable and must be taken out to clean. By contrast, other dental options, such as implants, do not require removal to clean. 

If you are still unsure whether or not partials are the best option for you, talk to a denturist from a clinic like Esquimalt Denture Clinic Ltd. He or she can help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages so that you can make the choice that is right for you.