Preparing Your Child For Their First Dental Appointment

If you have a small child that is ready to go to the dentist for a teeth cleaning, you will want to prepare them in advance about what to expect. This will make the entire process easier on the day of the appointment and it will help to take any fear away that your child could have had if they went to the dentist without warning. Here are some tips to use to help your child transition into the idea that seeing the dentist will be exciting and fun.

Talk About Teeth

A few weeks before you are going to be taking your child to their first cleaning appointment, make a point to talk in-depth about teeth. You will want to explain to your child that keeping their teeth clean is important and that everyone should see a dentist to have their teeth checked. Talk about cavities and eating things with a lot of sugar. General dental topics can make your child think of a few things they have questions about, making the subject seem a little exciting in the process.

Take A Tour

Call your dentist's office to see if it would be possible to bring your child in to take a small tour of the facility. This will help your child feel more at ease on the day of the appointment. See if the dentist is available to talk when you are there. If your child is familiarized with the area and the employees ahead of time, they will feel less anxious on the day of the appointment.

Sit In The Chair

See if you can have your child sit in a dentists chair for a moment to get a feel for what the cleaning will entail. You can explain how they should not touch anything around them so things do not break. Show them the sink and tell them the dental hygienist will be able to give them water to spit out into the small basin. If they are told about the little things they will be doing, they will be able to get through the appointment easily when it arrives.

Keep Reminding

In the days that lead up to the appointment, remind your child that it is only a few days away. Have them get excited for the appointment. Tell some of their friends or other family members so they can ask the child about the upcoming appointment. Building the appointment up to be more of an event will make the child want to go to the office. They will be excited and proud to have their teeth cleaned and subsequent visits will be no trouble at all.